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Why You Need a Compliance Program Today More Than Ever

Comply Pro+ + Safety

Protecting Consumers From Harm

A product safety compliance program can help prevent injuries or other adverse effects on the company’s products by ensuring that products meet safety standards and regulations.

Protect from liability

Avoid Legal Liability

If a company’s products cause harm to consumers, the company may be held liable for any damages or injuries. A compliance program can help a company avoid this type of legal liability by demonstrating that it has taken steps to ensure the safety of its products.

Comply PRO+ protects your brand

Protecting Your Reputation

Companies that take steps to ensure the safety of their products are likely to be viewed favorably by consumers and other stakeholders. This can improve the company’s reputation and increase sales and revenue.

Comply PRO + Safe Products

Complying with Regulations

Many regulations and standards apply to your products, and failure to comply with these requirements can result in fines, legal action, or other penalties. A  robust consumer product safety compliance program can help a company understand and meet these requirements, which can avoid costly compliance issues.

Comply PRO+ Quality

Improving Quality of Products

By focusing on product safety, a consumer product safety compliance program can help a company identify and address potential issues with its products, leading to improved quality and reliability. This can benefit both the company and its customers.

Seller Proof Of Compliance

Retailer Compliance

Show proof of compliance to retailers and sales channels where you sell your products. Build out your data to show you understand product safety requirements and that you can meet each retailer’s protocols to get approval to start selling.

Major Benefits of Building Your Compliance Program on Comply PRO+

Comply PRo+ Saves You Money

Reduced IT costs

Building in-house applications require expertise, resources, and a budget for ongoing support and can take time to finish. Have your program online in hours with Comply PRO+.

Comply PR)+ 2FA

Enhanced Security

Comply PRO+ is hosted on Amazon Web Services, which offers robust security measures to protect sensitive data, and 2-factor identity authentication ensures your users are authorized.

Comply PRO+ Tools

Know Where You Stand

Comply PRO+ organizes your compliance data and related activities and lets users, compliance managers, and owners/executives see company data in real-time


Comply PRO+ Tools

Tools & Features

Comply PRO+ provides your organization access to a suite of compliance-related tools, such as dashboards, scheduling tools, auto reminders, advanced search, and reporting.

Global Sales Ready with Comply PRO+

Global Sales Ready

Build your technical files and data to show proof of compliance in any market where you sell your products and share, if needed, with your responsible person or Authorized Representative in the E.U. & U.K.

Comply PRO+ Online Training

Staff Training

Comply PRO+ makes it easy to build your program and was designed for business continuity as it is easy to learn and easy to train new staff training on your policies and procedures.

Co. Comply Module for Comply PRO Plus

Company Compliance

The Co.Comply add-on module lets you build a company-branded compliance microsite to share company policies, announcements, and company training videos with all employees.


Comply PRO+ Project Modules

Product Development

Comply PRO+ has a built-in Pre-Market development product page and a project module to assign tasks and folders to build compliance documentation from the design stage

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