The Best Consumer Product Safety Compliance Program Software

Comply PRO+ is your #1 Consumer Product Safety Compliance Program Framework!

Pro Dash to manage and protect your brand

Comply PRO+ Dashboard

See and manage all your compliance activities from your customizable dashboard once you migrate and build out your data. Organize your dashboard to what is relevant to your role, and executives and owners can see all compliance documents, events, and compliance-related activities

Build Actionable Product Data

Quickly build out your data with our importer to show proof of compliance. See detailed information regarding the product type, status, sales channels, and Amazon marketplaces, and track licensed and children’s products.

Comply PRO+ Product page
Comply PRO + Scheduler

Schedule and Manage Upcoming Tasks and Compliance Related Activities

See expiring test reports and assigned project tasks, and track upcoming audits, inspections, and incoming shipments.

CPSIA Ready Live shows the status of Children’s Products.

See the status of every children’s product you sell and see expiring test reports, current tracking labels, and certificates. All green checkmarks indicate you have documents in place for all products.
Comply PRO+ CPSIA Ready Live
Sales Channel Detail

Manage Sales Channel and Vendor Compliance Related Activities

Build Sales channels and assign products to sales channels to track products and see the associated data in channel stat boxes.

Add custom product fields to capture vendor-related product information.

An Amazon Sales channel is prebuilt into every plan, and you can import your Amazon data via our EZ Excel Uploader. Create sales channels for Walmart, Shopify, Target, or others to see products sold and manage required compliance-related activities.

You can view all Audits or Inspections required by the sales channel.

Manage multiple sales channel vendor compliance from the page and create custom file folders to store vendor guides and vendor-related material.

Be Trade Show Sales Ready by proactively building your compliance process to show Sellers proof of Compliance before you launch new products and launch them at industry trade shows!


Build your Technical Files from the ideation stage through the product launch.

Build your documentation from the prototyping stage to capture all required documents to sell globally. Hide framework folders you do not use and Create Custom Folders in every section.

Comply PRO+ Tech Files
Comply Pro+ Supplier

Exercise “Due Care” with your Suppliers to hold them accountable

Manage Factory / Supplier data, Policies Training. Store agreements, policies, and forms; see stats on Products, Audits, and Inspections.

Test Report Detail & Tagging

Use tags to identify the type of test report to provide a more granular search. Reports are sorted under the lab that issues the report and test reports appear under associated products

Comply PRO + Test Tagging
Comply PRO+ Incident Tracker

Incident Tracking

You are legally obligated to report incidents immediately if you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor, or retailer of consumer products. Store Incidents on the product level to see trends or to identify potential design issues.

Supplier Audit Management

Enter and track scheduled supplier audits that retailers may require, and see the list of audits and search by Supplier, the Inspection company, and Sales Channel who requested the audit.

Comply PRO+ Supplier Audits
Comply PRO+ Shipments

Shipment Tracking

Enter ocean and express air shipments for each production run on the scheduler and see incoming shipments on your calendar. Search by, supplier, carrier, status and tags assigned. 

Production Run/ Batch Tracking

Document every production run from the issued purchase order and capture all the information needed for import. Tracking label/ batch tracking plus capture ocean and express shipment information associated with each shipment

Comply PRo+ Production Run Tracking
Comply PRO+ Inspections

Quality & Product Inspections

Schedule inspections on the scheduler, track all product inspections, and sort by P.O., the supplier inspection company, and sales channel. Upload all your internal quality reports they get associated with the products inspected.

Certificate Management

Manage all product certificates on the product level and associate them with tracking labels. Track Children’s product certificates, General Certificates of Conformance, Declaration of Conformity, Certificates of Analysis, and Good Manufacturing Certificates.

Comply PRO+ Certificate
Comply Pro+ Search

PRO+ Search allows you to search by section or globally to find what you need quickly!

Using tagging as part of your compliance documentation allows you to find anything in any section quickly.


Report Expirations

Expiring test report reminder and auto generated email sent to your factory or lab.

Authorized Rep Ready

Provide access to your Authorized Representative or compliance consultant to handle regulatory inquiries.

Doc & Data Tagging

Tag all documents, data, and events for easier search and retrieval when needed.

Tasks & Projects

Assign team member tasks as internal or associate to product development.

Cloud Based

Work from anywhere, allowing you and team members to be more productive.

Activity Log

See all recent activities since the last time you logged in.


Schedule and view Audits, Inspections, Incoming Shipments and Assign Tasks.

2 Factor Authentication

Decrease risk of unauthorized access via 2FA