Creating the Best Product Safety Compliance Software

Our extensive experience in helping companies solve compliance issues over the last twelve years helped us design Comply PRO+.

Comply PRO + is the best product safety compliance software for seller.

Build Out Your Compliance Program to Show Seller Proof Of Compliance!

As product sellers expand into new markets and sales channels, they are confronted with new standards, regulations, and retailer requirements that may require further compliance processes. An effective compliance program improves your product’s quality and safety, broadens your product’s market, ensures compliance with regulations and laws, and can also help protect you from future product liability issues. Using Comply PRO+ allows you to audit your program in real-time and gives you the peace of mind you have everything you need to protect your brand.

Our Mission

No longer is Proof of Compliance simply proving to Amazon or retailers that you have a test report and a certificate, but having packaging and warnings, tracking labels, and even safety data sheets for your products to show proof of compliance easily to them or any retailer or regulatory agency. As a CPSC-approved product safety coordinator, we handled two consent decrees, and our clients were required to hire a product safety coordinator and do the following.

  1. Create a comprehensive product safety program.
  2. Conduct a product audit to determine which merchandise requires testing and certification of compliance with the FHSA, the CPSA, and any other Act enforced by the CPSC.
  3. Establish and implement an effective and reasonable product safety testing program in compliance with the FHSA, the CPSA, and any other Act enforced by the CPSC.
  4. Create guidance manuals for managers and employees on complying with product safety requirements.
  5. Establish procedures to conduct product recalls.
  6. Establish systems to investigate all reports of consumer incidents, property damage, injuries, warranty claims, insurance claims, and court complaints regarding products under the jurisdiction of the CPSC that Defendants imported into the United States.

We could accomplish some of the above as we had developed CPSIA Ready, the beta for Comply PRO+. Still, we faced the challenge of tying all the remaining items together using online tech solutions, which helped with the engagement. Still, we realized that most people do not have the technical knowledge to select, configure, and connect applications. Auditing compliance programs for large and small companies validated our findings, so we started devising the ultimate platform for companies to use as a framework to supercharge their current compliance program to make it easier to operate post-COVID. Comply PRO + is that solution. We hope you find this game-changing software helpful in incorporating standard operating procedures, increasing efficiency, enhancing training, and giving you a real-time view of where you stand regarding product compliance. Let us teach you how to protect your brand and revenue streams when entering new sales channels!


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Bill Jacoby

Founder & CEO

Business Transformation With An Eye On Compliance!

Since 2011 we have been helping manufacturers, distributors, and Amazon sellers and aggregators build and show Proof of Compliance to Amazon, Retailers, and Regulatory Agencies in markets where they sell their products. As a former importer and distributor of children’s products, I have walked a day in your shoes and designed Comply PRO+ to help you implement a robust consumer product safety program to not only protect your brand but help you manage your data and related activities in real-time, saving you time and money. Technology should be a vital part of your compliance program. With the launch of Comply PRO+, we make it easier than ever for you to quickly build out and manage your product safety compliance program, decrease your risk and increase the efficiency of your operations so that you can spend more time building your business.