Comply PRO+

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For Seller Proof Of Compliance and Brand Protection

We give you all the tools you need to enhance your Compliance Program


Test Report Expiration

Get notified in advance of expiring test reports and email notice to your lab or factory..

PRO Dash Dashboard

See current data points on all products by Type, Status, Where Sold, Sales Channels & More.

Incident Reporting

Record Incidents involving your products and store them on the product level to evaluate whether to report to authorities.

Product Development

Start building out your technical files and documentation from the ideation and prototyping stage.

Task Assignment & Tracking

Assign tasks to team members or associate to products so you never miss a deadline or vendor related requirement.

Track Licensed Products

Identify licensed products and assign licensor to align compliance with licensing agreements.

Audits & Inspections

File and organize by product, provider, factory or retailer and schedule upcoming events in the calendar.

Scheduler / Calendar

See test report or certificate expirations, schedule upcoming activities, and tasks and never miss a deadline.


Company & Product Folders

Build data on the product or company level and create custom folders for easy access to all of your data.

Anywhere Access

Built on AWS so you have access anywhere you or your teram members have an internet connection.

CPSIA Ready Live View

Track Children’s as well as Durable Infant and Toddler products to ensure required elements are in place.

Activity Tracker

See the detail of when the page was last updated with the user name.

Authorized Representative Access

Give access to your Authorized Representative or Consultants on the Product Family Level.

Batch / Tracking

Track  production by factory via batch or tracking labels and with future API to PO Data for quantity totals

Manage Sales Channels

Set up Sales channels and manage Retailer related compliance activities as well as required Audits or Inspections.

Amazon Sales Channel

Track products sold on Amazon by marketplace and allow your Authorized Rep access to your data.

Data Tagging

Add Tags to data, test reports, events, and documents for easy search and reporting

Track Ocean & Express Shipments

Capture shipping details on production runs as well as express shipments and see both in your calendar.

Create Custom Product Fields

Create custom fields for your products such as size, season or Sales Channel product ID numbers.

Easy Onboarding!

Download excel templates to upload Supplier, Sales Channel, and Product data to get started quickly!

Regulatory Reference

Direct links to CPSC, Health Canada, EU, UK, Australia, the FDA, ASTM and California Prop 65.

Manage Your Compliance Activities and Business Effortlessly with Scheduler.

Organize your upcoming compliance-related activities, Test Requests, Tasks, Audits, Inspections, and Shipments, and take email out of the equation. 

Schedule Activities





Product Families




Sales Channels


Product Status


Amazon Data & Stats


Countries Where Sold


Expiring Test Reports


Scheduled Audits & Inspections


Incoming Shipments






Test Labs


Inspection Companies


System Data


Assigned & Upcoming Tasks



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