Comply PRO+ is a robust consumer product safety compliance management suite built with compliance managers, sellers, and business owners in mind. It is designed to help businesses stay on top of compliance-related activities and create repeatable processes to manage and protect their brands. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Comply PRO+ makes it easy for businesses and sellers to manage their compliance activities and for executives and owners to sleep better knowing they can see everything on the PRO Dash dashboard.

 Comply PRO+ is the evolution of CPSIA Ready, launched in 2013 and designed to help manufacturers and sellers comply with the implementation of CPSIA but was built primarily for children’s product manufacturers. Leveraging feedback from ten years of user feedback and working with diverse clients selling globally, we made Comply PRO+ to handle the ever-changing global compliance documentation requirements needed to support selling in those markets. With Covid-19 affecting businesses worldwide forever, it became imperative to incorporate all the tools to allow manufacturers and suppliers to manage product development, testing, supplier audits, inspections, and management and storage of certificates into an easy-to-access application.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to upload essential documents effortlessly and associate one document with many if needed. Furthermore, Comply PRO+ helps businesses identify improvement areas by providing data-driven insights into their operations. If there are empty folders, users can identify risks to eliminate omissions. This feature ensures that companies can maintain their competitive edge while adhering to the requirements necessary for global trade.

One of the key benefits of using COMPLY PRO Plus is its ability to manage suppliers and global retail sales channels. If your business operates in multiple countries, you know how challenging it can be to stay compliant with each country’s different regulations regarding showing proof of compliance. Each major retailer has their specific requirements and protocols to follow. With COMPLY PRO Plus, you can easily manage all compliance-related activities worldwide. This means you can focus on growing your business rather than creating the correct technical file format.

Another benefit of using COMPLY PRO Plus is its ability to streamline your business process to track and document everything from the product development stage to delivery. To comply with the duty to report requirements of the CPSC, you can also record all product safety-related incidents on the product level by recording them in the system.

Comply PRO is a revolutionary software that helps sustainability and regulatory professionals easily manage compliance-related activities specific to certain geographical markets. One of the most significant features of this software is its customizable fields and folders, which allow users to tailor their data according to the unique requirements of the products they sell, and the markets where they sell them.

Comply PRO’s customizable folders enable users to follow the technical file format or add new folders to categorize compliance-related documents and information according to specific criteria. This feature helps track the new sustainability, environmental, social, and governance metrics many retailers are starting to require.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for even the most technologically challenged individuals to use. If you still need help, there is a robust support center with detailed instructions on using each system feature. If you still need help, we are a chat message or email away to ensure you get the help you need.

As an Amazon seller, manufacturer, or distributor, you know that managing your business can be a daunting and overwhelming task. If you have been a long-time Amazon seller, you have seen that the days of needing only a test report and a certificate for compliance approval are over. The great news is that Comply PRO+ was also designed with you in mind so you can manage any future requirements. 

Comply PRO+ won’t tell you what regulations you need for your products as it is your responsibility to know that or to use an accredited third-party lab to tell you. Failure to comply with product safety regulations can result in hefty fines, lawsuits, recalls, and damage to brand reputation—all things no business wants to deal with.

Comply PRO+ is not only easy to use but also cost-effective. With this platform, you no longer worry about spending a fortune on complex software solutions or developing one in-house. Instead, Comply PRO offers affordable pricing plans without compromising the quality of service provided. Additionally, with its new modules and features in the pipeline, Comply PRO stays ahead of the curve in offering value to its users.

Sign up for Comply PRO+ today or book a demo for us to show you how to streamline your operations, minimize risk, and protect your brand. With Comply PRO+, you can expect exceptional support and experience peace of mind so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

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