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Regulatory Compliance

Implement Operational Controls

Comply PRO+ was designed by a CPSC-approved product safety coordinator who understands what compliance program elements are needed to operate in the U.S. market. Do you have a robust compliance program in place to reduce your risk, reduce your product liability exposure, and to protect your brand?

We give Aggregators a framework to scale and expand their Business


Amazon Sales Channel

Each plan comes with a default Amazon Sales Channel to manage your products.


Scheduler & Calendar

Schedule activities, tasks, inspections, and shipments and see them in Pro Dashboard.


Protect Your Brand

Monitor compliance activities and testing in real-time and never have an expired report or certificate.


Testing Renewal Reminder

Get notification of expiring test reports and email notification to your factory or lab.


Technical File Folders

Build your data in the required format for selling in the E.U. and the U.K. marketplaces.


Built for Compliance Managers

As a CPSC Approved Product Safety Coordinator, we built Comply PRO+ to help document all items to proved compliance.


Batch Tracking- E File Ready

Tracking labels, date codes, or batch tracking via production run/batch tracking and e-file ready.


Authorized Rep Ready

Give access to your Authorized Representative or Responsible person for required products only.


Reduced IT Costs

Building in-house applications requires expertise, resources, and a budget for ongoing support and can take months to finish. Have your program online in days with Comply PRO+.


Implement Policy & Process

Standardize routine processes and business activities to allow for easier training.


Amazon View on Dashboard

See all your products sold by marketplace, category, store, status, and product family.


Pro Dash Dashboard

View product stats, compliance-related activities, tasks, and Amazon data easily from your dashboard.



Live view of children’s products for CPSIA and manage tracking label information.


Reduce Your Risk

Easily audit your compliance program to see where deficiencies lie and quickly fix issues before a competitor exploits them.


Track Quality & Inspections

See quality and inspection data on the product level. Track on the scheduler.


Custom Fields & Folders

Add extra fields to product data and hide or create custom folders in any section.


Incident Reporting

Track Incident reports to identify issues and whether or not to report to the CPSC or regulatory agencies.


Maximize Your Value

Implement sound business controls and processes to showcase your value.


Sales Channel Management

Manage your major retail sales channel compliance activities, audits and inspections, and see stats for each.


CPC and GCC Creator

Build out Citations for each product and easily create a CPC or GCC for each production run right from the system.


Dev to Delivery Tracking

Build out necessary proof of compliance from the product development stage.


Manage Retalier Compliance

Manage major retailer compliance from one place and see stats for each channel. 


Global Sales Ready

You can build documentation to sell your products in any Amazon marketplace or major retailer sales channel.


Manage Certificates

Upload and track products by tracking labels, date codes and manage certificates.


Increase Efficiency

Manage and view your activities and tasks easily and take email out of the equation.


Track Licensed Products

Assign Licensor to licensed products to track required compliance and show proof of compliance if needed.


Custom User Roles & Rights

Admin, Compliance Manager, Executive, Team, Consultant, Employee and Authorized Representative Roles.


Quick Due Diligence

Ramp on prospective companies to evaluate their operational readiness and risk with a quick audit of their documentation.


Connect to Existing Systems

API access will be available to bring data from existing systems to automate activities and populate production data.


View Real-Time Data

 Eliminate surprises with a dashboard view of your business and compliance activities.

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