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Product Safety Consultants or any consultant who works with Sellers, Manufacturers and Importers.


Service Providers

You provide services to Amazon Sellers or to manufacturers or importers of consumer products..


Trade Associations

You are a trade association who provides value to your members to enhance their business and promote your products.

Help us introduce this game changing product safety compliance and sales channel management software to Sellers who want to Protect Their Brands!

How it works?

1. Apply

Tell us more about you and your company and how you plan to promote Comply PRO+ to your clients and or members.

2. Promote Comply PRO+

Promote Comply PRO+ using the supplied marketing material and use our affiliate link on your site or newsletter.

3. Get rewarded

Earn recurring commission for each referral who signs up for any Comply PRO+ plan. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

Apply and tell us how you want to promote Comply PRO+  and how your company is a good fit for our clients. If approved, you will get your affiliate link, and access to our resource site to get the collateral you need so you can start earning commissions.

Your company will be listed on our Partner Page with your logo and link to your website.

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