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Consumer Product Safety Compliance Program Framework

Comply PRO+ is a revolutionary Product Safety App to help you build and manage global retail and e-commerce sales channel compliance and related activities— Automate certificate creation and be ready for CPSC e-filing and the European Union GPSR. Show Seller Proof of Compliance to Amazon, Retailers, to Regulatory Agencies where you sell your products.

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CPC / GCC GeneratorThe CPSC is beta testing the efiling system, and rulemaking has been introduced to require Manufacturers and Importers to file digital CPCs and GCCs for each shipment. Certificates will also be required for low-value shipments, which CBP refers to as “ de minimis shipments,” and international mail shipments.

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What our Users have to say.

Comply Pro+ has revolutionized product safety compliance tracking. With its visionary leadership and groundbreaking software, it is redefining industry standards and making compliance management more accessible and effective than ever before! The CPC Generator represents another milestone. This innovative feature simplifies CPC creation and prepares me for CPSC eFiling. ComplyProPlus offers unparalleled ease of use and efficiency with an optional API to Quickbooks or other accounting programs.
Shaul Bouskila
YGB Group

"In Comply PRO+, Bill Jacoby has created the best product safety compliance tracking software. It is software perfectly designed to be a one-stop repository for everything related to product compliance for your e-commerce solution. Bill was available on a 1:1 basis when needed to help us onboard our data. When a slight gap was found as we started fleshing out our dataset, mentioning it to Bill would always elicit, ‘Yes, we’re working on that dynamic, or we will roll that out shortly.’ We never found a feature that Bill wasn’t already planning. I can’t recommend Comply Pro+ more highly. It is excellent software to help companies manage compliance-related activities."

Benn Gehman

"We have been using the Comply Pro+ Software for a few months. It has helped us become much more organized in managing our current sales channels, compliance issues, test results, certificates, and QC files for production. Best of all, It notifies us when test reports expire. It is a great tool that makes everything much easier to manage across all of the platforms, QC protocols, and certifications required for our business by our retailers."

Joe Cook
Partner - Power Pony
“Comply Pro+ is the strongest compliance solution we’ve found on the market, and the competition isn’t particularly close. This tool gives us everything we need to scale our product portfolio with confidence and has helped us streamline efforts across legal, product development, sourcing, and operations. We were especially encouraged by the team’s extensive experience and deep expertise in the highest risk product categories, namely children’s products.”
Michael Lanham
“Comply PRO+ is a great tool for creating and maintaining a compliance program quickly accessing testing information and providing proof of compliance when needed. It’s very user-friendly and a significant upgrade from the previous CPSIA Ready portal. You can easily access any product data, production info, or certificates in a few clicks. If you need help, there is a great support section that includes documentation on getting started with how to import and upload your data and files, etc. They also provide very prompt assistance during onboarding."  
Serghio Payiatas
Smart Toys & Games
“Comply PRO+ is a game changer for us as it allows us to manage sales channel compliance activities for our five brands. We now have a system to manage test reports, audits, inspections, certificates, product safety incidents, and all product-related documentation from product design to delivery. The dashboard and scheduler give us visibility to all our data, including Amazon marketplace data, expiring test reports, shipments, and upcoming tasks.”
David Swartz

Benefits of using Comply PRO+

Monitor Compliance Readiness

Owners and Executives now have a way to monitor your company’s compliance readiness and ongoing compliance-related activities to eliminate surprises and ensure they show “Due Care as required by retailers and the CPSC.

Save Money and Reduce Risk

Build your testing and regulatory protocols in the system to automatically generate certificates from a Purchase Order, and Pro Check Audit gives you advance notice so you always ship compliant products.

Be CPSC E Filing Ready

Start today to streamline your compliance program so you are ready for CPSC eFiling. Automatically generate Certificates for the whole shipment from a purchase order and generate certificates in PDF and digital form.

Manage Sales Channel Activities

Add all your major sales channels to store policies, routing guides, chargebacks, and files, manage your sales channel activities to track audits and inspections, and see stats for all items in each channel from one page.

Collaborate with Others

Add team and product development project members so you can build technical file documentation. Give your Custom Broker access to certificates. Provide access to your Authorized Representative or 3rd party product safety consultants.

Improve your Operations

Not just a compliance app, you can manage product development, sales channel compliance, product testing, supplier audits, production tracking, certificate creation, inspections, shipments, and CPSC eFiling.

Easily Manage Compliance Data Requests

Build out and organize your data and compliance activities so you can react quickly to retailer or regulatory requests or to issues that may arise. Store all data around your product and download as Proof of Compliance when requested.

Amazon Sales Channel

Every plan has a default Amazon sales channel to allow you to build and easily manage your Amazon products and required documentation, including Authorized Representative Access


Authorized Rep Ready

Your Authorized Reps have access to only their required documents.

PRODoc-T File Builder

Build Technical Files from the Product Ideation Stage.
Start Pre-Market documentation from the ideation and prototyping stage and capture data before the product launch. Have your documents in the right format to meet the requirements to sell your products globally.

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